Pig or Font?

a pig or a font?

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In the early 2000s, one website was responsible for pretty much all of the humor on the internet. If you kids want to see how we lived before Facebook, Reddit and whatever passes for dank memes these days, check out B3ta.

This quiz was directly inspired by a tweet by that site's founder, and indirectly inspired by the trash he used to put out, and which I spent far too much time playing.

My name is Rob Ousbey. Tweet at me in all caps if you need to complain that I used the wrong picture for a pig, or that my font facts are fake news.


CC licenced images provided via Wikimedia users: Flominator, Nienetwiler, Grez, & Minipigs, Flickr user wattagnet, Pixabay user Alexas_Fotos, and FreePik.